Why eBooks?

I do not read books anymore. Yes, I have been converted to the cult of e-books. Boo-hoo!letöltés

Now, this means a lot of things. First of all, when I present this fact to my friends I see the resentful looks they exchange. Somehow, if you do not choose to read a paperback it makes you appear less intelligent than those, who read “real books”.

Also nowadays being a 90’s kid is “the thing”, which is why portals like 9gag are full of boasting 90’s kid posts from people born in 1999. (Bet you do not know what it is… ow wow a VHS). So there were no e-books in the 90’s – so what? There are certain lifesaving medical procedures that did not exist so a true 90’s kid refuses to take them too or what?

There is a “real books vs. eBooks” argument – a heated one, so I will just settle down and buy a thrilling novel online and I will enjoy it with my coffee and whipped cream while the heat wears off.

However, before I would do so I want to provide some points in defence of e-books

  1. Ever since I started reading e-books I read a lot more.


– Because I can read books from authors who are not available in print in my country

– Because I can purchase books way cheaper

– I get to read from new writers, helpingthem get forward in their career

– I can take a 100 books with me on a trip

2. No trees were harmed!

I am more or less conscious about the environment. I do not throw my garbage away on the streets, I go selective as much as I can. And I definitely love a walk in the forest. So yes, for me using as little amount of paper as possible is an important thing.

  1. If I have the book I really have it

I used to read paperback too. But then, someone would rush into the room and oops… a glass of water on my pages, which were now stuck and unreadable. It angered me, as books are not that cheap. Now this does not happen to me anymore!

  1. I have the hopes to publish my own books

I am not that much of a great writer. I can never dream to become a Rowling or something. But still, I love to write. To create. And I love for my voice to be heard by a few who will say “Wow! My thoughts exactly.” The truth is: a publisher would never get my novel out there, but as an e-book it can fly! Even if it is just for free.

So consider these points when you hear the argument “real books have curves.”

I could say: “Don’t judge a book by the format”